Photo: Katie Hyslop

Photo: Katie Hyslop

Hello! I'm Erica.

Thanks for stopping in at digitalglitter creative!  I've been making things look nice for people since iMacs came in flowerpots.
(Actually a little earlier than that, but 2003 didn't sound as fun.)

I entered the creative field with aspirations to design soundtracks for film, with a passion for visual design.  I soon discovered video and the digital arts (digitalglitter!) shortly after and have been working in video and design across multiple media formats ever since.

Working across a wide spectrum of design and media applications suits my natural need for diversity in projects and disciplines, and I've found my niche working for smaller production houses and boutique event producers. 

The flexibility to work with the brand and theme strategy from a high level, and implement this cohesively across the different media and communications is always a treat.

Lately my business card has said "Video & Multimedia Specialist" and that seems a better title than "everything graphics and video designer person" which is what I used to say at parties, after a vague but theatrical hand wave.

Education and health care are sectors I particularly enjoy working within, as I get to feel part of the team working towards their greater mission.  Moving forward I'm looking to work with innovative and creative clients that will challenge and inspire me.

I work best when insight along the production process is welcomed, and it's my view that through this collaboration the end product benefits from the knowledge and experience of everyone involved.

Booking projects from July 2019, onward.